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Rafe Kelley
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Bill I would definately encourage you to go do some training in the woods after your CA wood, run, jump logs and rocks, climb tree's crawl under things its very rewarding and athletically developmental.

As far as what you learn from going to seminar as opposed to trying to pick it all up yourself. I trained myself in parkour mostly from internet videos it took me months to learn things i can now teach people in a few weeks MovNat is not just parkour out in the woods though it goes as deeply into combative training and weight manipulative training as it does the locomotive training as seen in parkour. Beyond safely learning all of these different aspects theres learning how to effectively combine them. I am not saying one couldn't build your own system that achieves similar ends by studying all the component parts and experimenting with how to put it together its going to be much slower learning curve then training with MovNat coach.
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Matt DeVoe
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I trained MovNat with Rafe and Erwan early last summer. At the time I already had 5+ years martial arts experience, parkour for the previous 1.5 years and CF 2 years prior; I came away with clarity and new perspectives on everything from general health and human performance to better personal kinesthetics. It definitely helped reorient how I look at total human fitness and wellness...completely changed my training for the better.
FUN AS HELL and definitely worth a look by anybody who's remotely interested.
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Bill Ennis
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Hi Matt and Rafe ;
I am very excited by MovNat and was hoping and figuring that your responses would be what they were . Hopefully my question did not come across negatively , because it wasn't intended that way- just trying to get a sense of the entire experience from people who have trained with Erwan .
I am really hoping to take a seminar with Erwan- I agree it would accelerate my progress . If you guys can help convince Erwan to come to the Northeast of the US , I'm sure there are plenty of people who would come to a seminar/certification . I'm keeping my fingers crossed and watching the MovNat website .
Rafe - I've enjoyed visiting your blog and experience with MovNat . I actually did a MovNat inspired workout yesterday in the park next to me - I just had to warn the two mothers with their little children that I was just running thru the edges of the playground . They were fine but I don't want the cops called .It was fun and fatiguing , about 17 minutes incorporating almost all the capacities listed .
Once again , keeping my fingers crossed for a MovNat event in the Northeast.
Thanks again for your answers.
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