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Peter Dell'Orto
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Default Cap kettlebell quality?

Does anyone have an experience with the Cap Barbell brand kettlebells?

I'm thinking of getting some from http://www.christiansfitnessfactory.com/ since they are so cheap - cheaper than buying them down the street at the sporting goods store, even.

My only personal experience with KBs are with Dragondoor KBs used over at my gym. They're great, but almost 2x as much with S&H as the Cap ones. So if you compare them to Dragondoor bells, I'll at least have a point of reference.

I'm not interested in high-rep snatches or anything at this point, just pressing, swinging, and get-ups. I am concerned that they have the same handle thickness, since thick-handled work is at least part of what I'm looking for from KB exercises.

Can anyone give me a yay or nay on these? Worth it for basic KB exercises, cheap junk, a great deal, something else?

Peter V. Dell'Orto
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