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Matthieu Hertilus
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Default Protein Quality vs Protein Quantity

I know it's always better to go for quality, natural food sources in any type of diet for any type of goal; however, I wonder when one crosses the fine line between quality and quantity. I'll take myself as an example:

5'6, 77kg, approximately 12% bf. Training under the bulgarian cycle of weightlifting w/ calisthetics and occasional deadlifting 5x/ week. Looking to at least maintain performance but primarily looking to drop body fat.

Now that I've set the scenario: some may recommend anywhere from 100-200g of protein considering my only carb source comes from vegetables, nuts, and the occasional piece of fruit.

So if my protein intake ends up being at the lower end of the scale (100g or below all from fish, meat, and BCAA supplementation) will that hinder my goals or do I really need more protein even if that comes from sources that are not "optimum" (i.e. low fat/low sodium cottage cheese, milk and eggs from grass fed animals, low fat deli meat, etc.)?
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