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Frank Needham
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Default Boot Leg Canyon


After living here for years and never getting around to it, I finally checked this place out. Wow, I'm pumped and ready to take my specialized out on a run. The only bikes I observed being ridden had shocks and gears so my bike would be an anomaly. I observed many riders about and talked with a couple about their gear. Due to the razor sharp volcanic rock through which many of the trails are cut most riders wear full mx gear - full helmets, chest & back protectors, shin guards, elbow guards, leather gloves, etc, etc....even steel toe high tops. Makes a lot of sense really. One spill without gear at any kind of speed in this terrain and you'd be on the way to be stitched up for sure. Now I gotta find a discount place to get some gear. This one awesome place to ride and it is only 25 minutes from our place. There is also a huge slip-line for those who're interested. Facilities aren't bad either. There are showers and potable water bibs available.
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