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Jay Cohen
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Default Did you get the sled?


Did you get the sled, if so, any comments?

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Edward Friedman
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I am curious about metal bottom sleds on concrete. More specifically, as I will be using it in a resedential driveway (blacktop,) am I likely to scratch the S#@!T out of the driveway, aesthetically speaking?

I'm inclined to go the "tire with a wooden shelf" route for this reason, but if someone has experience that the driveway is relatively unscathed I would just as soon go with something like this:http://www.grabcart.com/product/spor...-Training-Sled
or this:

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Chris Rice
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I welded myself up an Econo model (easy to do) and I have a love - hate relationship with it. It's pretty much indestructible but it is loud going up and down my blacktop alley. I would like to find a way to quiet it down - just for my neighbors.
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