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Steve Shafley
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Default Phil Pfister's Training for the 2006 WSM

It's a bit different, to say the least.


And the ad copy to go with it.


Looks a lot like something Verstegan or Boyle would do.

Caused quite a stir in the Strongman community.
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Mike ODonnell
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Wierd...that it turned into a huge marketing thing....all about the sales...

"The “Top Secret” Functional Training System that Phil was trained with is different than everything else anyone else out there has been doing."

But I am sure he did other workouts for hours a day?? (assuming 30lb D-Balls and one DL was not his only strength training)...so a little was used to improve his agility, core if you want to call it that and endurance.....unless you are telling me this is all he did.
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Dave Wilson
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I am headed out right now, to buy a Swiss ball, and some ankle weight's.
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