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Doug Emerson
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Default Pinched nerve????

Last week I did a scaled down version of Helen. Mind you I am a self taught olympic lifter, so this might explain my issue.

I have a sharp pain in my upper back/ trap. It is just to the right of my spine. It is not an excruciating pain, but it bugs nonetheless.

It comes and goes, but seems to affect me when I am carrying something that has a bit of weigh to it.

Do you guys think that I pinched a nerve somehow? It doesn't feel like a pulled muscle.

To remedy, should I get a message, accupuncture, chiropractor???

I was at my mother in laws over the weekend and she had a heavy duty foam roller...I tried this and it seemed to work a bit, but the pain is still there.

Sorry for the long winded question. Any input is appreciated....
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