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Rick Deckart
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Originally Posted by Chris H Laing View Post
Whats Rahmenorientierung?
Rahmenorientierung, german from Rahmen = Frame and Orientierung = Orientation; basically the cycles the german weightlifting coaches use for programming, they get these from the headquarter. It is nothing more than a chart, where for each week the average workset weights, the number of repetitions/exercise and the top set/exercise for the week is listed. These cycles base on eight exercises: 1) snatch, 2) clean & jerk, 3) Rack Jerk, 4) Push Press, 5) Snatch Pull, 6) Clean Pull, 7) Front Squat and 8) Back Squat and along this a lot of assistance exercises, depending on the weaknesses of the trainees.

The weights are given in percentages based on the projected max for the snatch and clean & jerk you want to lift at the end of the cycle. As a rule of thumb you take your best lifts and add 10 kg to each, that's your goals for the cycle and on that goal the given percentages are based.

To make things a little bit easier all german coaches who train high calibre athletes use a little piece of software known under the name Winwota which I bought two years ago but never really used much. With Winwota you can flesh that chart out into a training plan quite easily, keep a log of the work done and analyse it. All top german weightlifter train like that for at least the last 15 years.

The Rahmenorientierung I based this cycle on is what the german junior team used to prepare for the EM 2007 in Pavia.
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