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Dave Van Skike
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I'm not sure the safety of Oly lifts or "hating" is what the author is talking about.....

However, how often are these lifts performed properly in a high school group setting or even a college one? Not very often. The risk of injury is high, and the amount of weight lifted is often a fraction of what the athlete could use in some of the traditional power movements
This comes close, but inherently unsafe isn't really the question. Lifting heavy things over your head is inheretly unsafe when compared to not lifitng them.... but that's not relevant.

Innefficiency seems to be the quesiton.....for football.... keep this in mind. We're talking about athletes, (not CF'ers) who need to economize their efforts towards a specific goal.

Maybe a more interesting question is, if you had limited time to get an athlete prepared for a strength endurance sport like a football (think linebacker, or blocking fullback) which woudl be better,

having that athlete devote 3-4 hours a week to doing the doing the power versions of the olympic lifts soemwhat poorly, wherein they are stuck at a 300 pound power clean


moving a variety of larger than body size objects explosively in a sort of full body anyhow, (which is what SM really devolves to once it's heavy) ?

I don't know the answer, I can certainly see where SM is easier to bring a ton of aggression and very little technique and still progress. It's easy to see an athlete go from say from moving a 500 pound tire and a 200 pound stone to moving a 1000 pound tire and a 300 pound stone over the course of a summer off season. Certainly with anything, you can get injured doing that.

On the other hand, maybe a summer of doing medium heavy power cleans and power snatches, progressing from an ugly 240 power clean to a nice looking 265 clean might be better? I kind of doubt it but I could see how that might work. That's still a lot of triple extension going on.

I'm sure there are good football coaches with experience trying both methods but I'm not sure the answer is intuitive. I think the best argument for the former is here...

Triple extension of the hips, knees, and ankles trains a football player to put maximal force into the ground in a shorter period of time. Is the best way to train this triple extension with a barbell or variously shaped Strongman objects? Football opponents move and are all shaped differently, making Strongman training more relevant. If done in a team setting, Strongman training gives athletes a chance to compete and gives coaches a chance to coach as they would in a game without having to break down every small detail.

Technique is important and needs to be coached in Strongman training. However, it is much simpler than teaching proper Olympic lifting technique to an average athlete
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