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Nicholas Roberts
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Default Press form

I realized on the press the other day I might have a technique flaw. Thought I might check see if anyone knows if it will break me one day, or just is "wrong"

At the bottom of the press I do have a fairly decent rack position, my flexibility is such that I can't rest the bar fully on the my delts but my elbows do come to rest in front of the bar.

The problem is that almost as soon as I start the press my shoulders externally rotate, bringing my elbows out to my sides. I realize that you get that external rotation as you lock out overhead, but when I was watching a video of Rippetoe coaching the press the athletes had a different groove.

I know video would be massively helpful, however I don't have a camera or anyone to film it so....

My main concern is placing undue wear on the joint; to this end I tried pressing with more shoulder ?flexion? I think it would be. Pressing with the elbows going straight up rotating out closer to the lockout, but it actually caused my shoulders to pop and make other unpleasant noise.
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Steven Low
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Do you have access to any type of decent coaching?
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Nicholas Roberts
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I would say that largely depends on your definition of decent....

I personally haven't found any one that seems really amazing in my area that would also likely be in my price range. Tha doesn't mean they aren't around though.

I live in the Phoenix metro area in AZ. Mark Verstegen has an Athlete's Performance center here, but I think their training philosophy is more "functional". Great stuff but not as much classic lifting.

I'm sure there are some crossfit affiliates around, but I would rather find a good lifting coach, not someone super attatched to that methodology.

All in all, open to suggestions though.
Thanks for the reply.
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Garrett Smith
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Ken Urakawa of CF Southwest (he's also on this board if you want to PM him) is a great coach, I'm sure he could fix your issue in a heartbeat. He understands OL too. Just let him know what you're looking for.

Also, Matt Foreman (PMenu author) is my OL coach, he's out in Mesa. You could get in touch with him through the board as well.
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Nicholas Roberts
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Garrett, thanks for the info. I will look into contacting one or possibly both of them in the near future. Get a tune up on several things.
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Greg Everett
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Maybe i misread, but that's how i would have you pressing - the elbows should move out and under the bar as it leaves your shoulders. but they shouldn't be moving so far that they're under or behind the bar - they should stay a bit forward of it - if they're directly under too soon, you'll push the bar forward.

is it like this? http://www.cathletics.com/exercises/videos/press.mov

steve at about 1/3 into this video is another example - http://www.cathletics.com/wod/video/...ng-5-16-09.mov
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Nicholas Roberts
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Thanks for taking the time to link those videos in your response. Between those and your comment I'm thinking I may be getting my forearms/elbows directly under the bar a little too soon. Not much but a little.

Tried to correct it some today and got more popping in the shoulder joint, guessing its just a flexibility issue and its tendons flopping.

I'll probably try and get a little coaching on it, it may end up that I'm over correcting or there isn't much of a problem to begin with. Do lots of extra stretching and get some soft tissue work too.

If I do manage to get video, or maybe even still photos taken I will try and get them up if I haven't already gotten coached.

Thanks again.
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Steven Walczak
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Sorry to hijack your thread Nicholas but I have a question about press form as well, how much backward lean is ok on a press? I see some videos of presses and it looks like many lifters are pretty straight but I feel like im leaning back kinda like the old time olympic weightlifters, except not that extreme.
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