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Default Correcting exercises for shoulders

So I'm in the process of rehabbing my shoulders, and in the meantime, i'm trying to reevaluate my form on a lot of exercises and find where i was aggravating my shoulders. although i'm figuring many of them out, i'm having trouble evaluating my L-hangs and L-pullups as well as dips.

The problem in both these movements for me has something to do with how i am moving my shoulder blades and spine. I notice that when i do L work, i tend to round my back very hard, especially in thoracic area. getting my feet to raise up to the bar for a russian leg lift is quite easy. L-pullups on the other hand have been very iffy. they were easy for a bit, but i think this was temporary since i was using my shoulder incorrectly. to describe the feeling, i would start in an L-hang that would feel decent, but in order to start ascending from this point, i would feel my shoulders move in a somewhat uncomfortable manner. then they would get in a position from which i could pull up. i feel as though in order to pull up, my elbow would come in front of me, like when you're holding a barbell in the FS. when i would descend into a full L-hang, my elbows would being to point outward to the sides.

now when i try to get into what feels like a solid L-hang, it feels as if one of my shoulders slides up towards my ear, and i feel a pinching feeling in the acromium/impingement area.

in terms of dips, i feel that my upper back would tend to round really hard during the whole movement. another issue i noticed is that preceding my shoulder issues, i began feeling dips less and less in my pecs. i feel now that if i can concentrate hard and put a squeeze in my pecs, the shoulder gets some alleviation. the problem though is that i feel the position feels completely unstable when i flex my chest. it appears like when somebody first gets on the rings and looks all wobbly. when i control the motion and straighten out and look all nice, my shoulders start to feel like crap.

when should the shoulder blades come together, and when should they separate while you're doing dips?

i tend to notice that when my shoulders are starting to feel bad, folding my legs back and squeezing my hamstrings, gluts, and spinal erectors helps things feel a lot better. my sports therapist said that i don't seem to have mobility issues in my thoracic spine. the problem is more the strength/coordination to activate it. i'm wondering if by contracting all the rest of the posterior chain just automatically makes the thoracic erectors activate properly as well. could this correlate to the fact that i can hold a full back lever, but my front lever is hardly even straddled?

obviously since these hurt, i'm not really working them. i am playing with them just for a few seconds every once and a while to try to figure out how to correct them. my sports therapist made it sound as if i shouldn't every do dips again. he may be correct, but i'd rather make sure that i try to get perfect form and see what happens before i abandon them. i love dips and muscle ups, so i'm not likely to accept that these are over...

the problem with my right shoulder lies int he AC joint. my right shoulder is really loose. i can't remember exactly what he said was wrong with the left shoulder, but i think the muscle patterns are firing incorrectly or something. i dunno, i gotta ask him again cause i need to understand it. my right shoulder normally gets pain in the posterior side, especially when i press out sideways like in a side plank. my left shoulder gets pain in the anterior, impingement area.

i am evaluating other motions as well, but figuring these 2 out seems like they could answer a lot of my questions.
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