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Edward Friedman
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Default Garage Gym Questions


In August I hope to move to a house where I can create a garage gym. I expect to have use of one half / side of a 2-car garage, (serviced by that side's garage door.)

1. How have folks most successfully separated the "gym side" from the "car/utility storage" side ?

2. Before putting down (horse stall,) mats, should the concrete floor be treated/painted in some manner so that I can deal with minimal dust kicking up. ( I couldn't care less for weights, but I will have a C2, airdyne and some stereo equipment. Plus, I'd like the facility to be "clean" enough to make it appealing to my wife.)

3. What are some effective, best cost solutions for heat in the winter ? (yeah, I know, start moving to warm up & tough it out, etc. However, I am being realistic. If it is 5 degrees outside, my "inner-enemy" will talk me out of early a.m. training, and the day's "battle" will be lost. Also, again, I want it to be, as much as reasonably possible, user friendly for my better half.)

[ I currently have a nice layout in the basement of our house which, because it is built on a slope, has a walk-out basement. Opening the door during training makes a huge positive difference for me. I also have plenty of room. I won't have this basement option in the new house and the garage is my only option. As many of you can appreciate, getting this right is a major consideration in terms of deciding what our new residence will be.]


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Kris Reeves
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Eddie - In terms of #3...

is the garage attached or detached? That will have a big impact on how cold your space will be.

This past winter, we had some really cold days here in Maryland and quite honestly after a warm up I found myself being pretty comfortable in a couple of layered shirts (a long sleeve on top) and shorts. I'd start out in sweats and a sweatshirt and peel layers as necessary. Oh, definitely pick up an under armour wicking type skull cap.

On super cold days, the garage door would just stay closed, but for the most part I like opening the door. It has a huge impact on my mood keeping the door open when possible.

we have a 2 car garage and I share the place with two cars (and various outdoor equipment, snow thrower, lawn mower, etc.)...it gets pretty dirty in there. generally after I pull the car out a quick sweep is part of the warm up.
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Derek Simonds
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1) I separate the two sides with my two up bike racks.

2) I have not sealed my floor (although I want to) and don't have any problem with dust. I sweep or blow out the garage once a week.

3) I have the luxury of not having to train in really cold weather (living in FL) but when it got down into the 20's last year I just turned a space heater on low when I went to bed and it was fine when I got up in the morning. I have a much bigger problem right now with the heat as the heat index today was 110.

I posted a thread on here I think called pimping my garage gym that has pictures so you can see what I am talking about.
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Garrett Smith
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1. Keep the car outside, don't share. Really, I started out with 1/2 the garage like you're saying, that lasted a couple weeks. If you can make it work, more power to you.

2. Where is this dust you mention coming from? Is it currently an issue? You'll have to sweep the stall mats just like you would a concrete floor, dust is a normal thing in a garage.

3. Space heater, like Derek said. Keep the garage door down, keep it closed during the workout. Bring your bars inside at night if you don't use a heater. You might need to wear something like batting gloves until you warm up. Make sure you don't have any nasty solvents/fumes in the garage, those plus closed door plus breathing heavy from exercise don't combine well.
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