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Greg Davis
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Default Meat CSA- how much would you need?

So our veggie CSA has started up and our farm has partnered up with a great grass-fed meat supplier:

Stoddart Farms

I have a chance to sign up for a meat csa as well which has monthly 20lb mixed meat pick ups. Lamb, beef, chicken, pork. I was ecstatic to hear about it, especially since I was told it worked out to under $5/lb. It turns out its actually $7/lb (canadian) and we'd have to sign up for 6 months.

My girlfriend and I are mulling over whether or not to sign up. Money is a little tight but we know we're already spending way too much on meat and this might actually be a way to bring our costs down if it keeps our consumption in check. I usually eat about 2/3 of our meat, so that would mean I would get 13lbs a month. We have basically said if we get the meat we are going to try not to buy any store bought stuff. So it would mean me making 13 lbs of meat a month last..

We are also probably going to get an eggshare from them, of 12 duck eggs per week (they are bigger and the same price as chicken eggs). GF is hesitant to commit to only duck eggs but we sampled a few hardboiled ones and they are bigger, a nice darker color, and tastier (higher fat) IMO.

All means I'm going to try to manage monthly on sharing 20lbs meat, 4 dozen eggs, and then the rest of my protein intake is going to be mostly canned seafood, and minimal amounts of cheese, kefir, whey. (and the odd time eating out)

Pretty sure we're gonna do it, and I'm excited at the prospect of eating really high quality meats. Wondering if anyone else has done the meat csa thing or knows roughly how much meat they consume in a week/month.
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