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Matthieu Hertilus
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Default IF + Metabolic Diet

I was just wondering if I could still reap the benefits of IF while following the Metabolic Diet (i.e. Nothing but fats and protein during the week, and carb loading on the weekend.) I was thinking of fasting on my rest days then going back to the Met Diet on other days of the week.

Here's an example of what I'm proposing if I work out M-Th, and Sat (Friday and Sunday as my rest days):
M-Th: Met Diet (4-7 meals made up of protein, veggies, and fat, <30g carbs)
Fri: Fast all day
Sat.: break the fast w/ a Pre-WO shake (BCAA + Creatine or a Quick digesting carb + PRO drink). carbs for the rest of the day (approx. 60% carbs, 30% protein, 10% fats from fish oil)
Sun: Fast all day

Would love to hear people's thoughts as I think fasting 2 days a week will help clear out my system from all the fatty meats and saturated fats I'll be eating during the week. And I love the idea of a weekend carb load( fruits, whole grains, etc.). Training mostly for performance and strength but wouldn't mind dropping the body fat% a bit. Open to your thoughts/ ideas/ concerns.
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