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Scott Kustes
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Khalid, I'd shorten the distances if what you want to work on is explosiveness off the line. Your acceleration phase is only going to last maybe 30m before you're fully upright and into max velocity. I think 15 reps is probably too much to give 100% effort. Like I said, I'd stick below 10 reps. Quality over quantity is the game here.

Now, you're 16 and I'm nearly 30, so I have no way to know how you recover from these workouts, but the key is to make sure your effort is high on each rep. If I go out to do 8x30-40m from blocks and after 5, I can tell it's just not there, I stop. There are days for pushing through and days for calling it a day. When doing speed/acceleration work, it's a day for calling it a day.

If you're starting to close the gap after 60m, it sounds like your speed-endurance is good for your speed. Everyone else is slowing down more than you are. I assume you're in off-season now, so it's time to focus heavily on speed. Some other workouts I do to work max speed are:
- Flying 30-50m (30-50m @ 100% with a 10m run-in)
- 20m Sprint-Float (Five 20m zones, 10m run-in, sprint hard the 1st, float the 2nd, sprint hard the 3rd, float the 4th, sprint hard the last)...basically learning to get to top speed and then relax while maintaining (i.e., don't slow down on the "float," just stop pushing to accelerate).

Do you have access to a hill with a very slight incline (like 3-5% grade)? Uphill and downhill sprints can help with speed as well, but not on a steep hill. A steep hill will alter your stride too much.

What are you planning to do on your lifting days?

Originally Posted by Brandon Oto View Post
I mentioned it as a way to develop power from a dead stop. My understanding is that after that in the sprint, you're mainly banking on reflex speed (plyo or bounding type of stuff) -- but out of the blocks it seems like it would be relevant.

Obviously you'd also need to work on the skill of reacting to the gun and the acceleration technique and so on, but that's just stuff to practice.

It's not going to be detrimental for sure. Just not sure how much carry-over one will actually see. If strength and power are the limiting factor (which for a 16-year old, they might be), some improvement could be made here. I think general improvement of the posterior chain through low-rep, 85%+ 1RM deadlifts and general sprinting workouts will give the biggest bang for the buck given the highly technical demands of learning the O-lifts and the specificity of training the CNS to fire in sprinting.

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