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Jeff Hendrix
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Default Hamstring tension in HBBS


I've been rather scant since my elbow injury that I posted about a few months ago. They're finally starting to heal and I'm getting back to work slowly with upper-body movements and O-lifts.

At any rate, I'm starting to C&J and snatch more and trying to get a HBBS down. One thing I'm wondering about is whether or not I should try and keep tension in my hamstrings. I know that is the key with the low bar position that is frequently taught for SS and CrossFit, but I haven't noticed any direct comment on it regarding the Oly back squat. Should I aim to let my hamstrings go loose so my knees can travel farther forward, or do I still want to try and keep some good tension on them? Or is there somewhere in between those that I should be?

I've built up a little bit of soreness at the upper lateral aspects of my tibias that comes up when I start coming out of a deep (and relatively heavy) squat and am wondering if this has something to do with it or my body is just being a sissy. I've been letting my hamstrings go as loose as I can to allow myself as much forward travel as possible but am now wondering if that was a mistake.
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