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Andrew Wilson
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Default Unique Marv Marinovich training

Has anyone been following this? I saw BJ Penn's video blog when he first introduced Marv, began reading up on his gyms, stopped gaining interest when one of his trainers said the 1RM bench press was an aerobic exercise & olympic weightlifting was slow. Put unique training non the less.

The super cat enhances explosiveness wfs

Accelerator leg work for eccentric/concentric exercises. wfs

I was listening to GSP's trainer Jon Chaimberg in another podcast say something like this style is good for field sports where balance is needed for large athletes but unnecessary for someone like BJ who already has outstanding balance & needs to focus more on conditioning. My thoughts are NM system responses of hundreds of repeated complicated motions of half squats are good, but why not do one solid heavy snatch in a legit squat? Or at least a weighted pistol.

Any interesting thoughts or commentary?
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