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Khalid Khalil
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Default Lower Back Pain/Tail bone

So I've been biking 8 miles mon-thurs to class these past like 5 weeks, and I'm focusing on explosive speed as a sprinter. I stopped conditioning early this summer and worked on power, blocks and all that jazz. I occassionally did a distance run or two. around 2-5 miles.

I ran today for the first distance run in awhile and my lower back started to hurt and tighten up, I never had this happen to me before. Then it got to the point where I couldn't run anymore and I only went half a mile. It felt tense and a squeezing sensation. After running I'm fine, it happens only when I do. Any ideas on what it is?

my workouts have been:
Monday - short sprints
Tuesday - Plyometrics
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - High weight low rep (deadlifts, cleans, bench etc)
Friday - Short sprints
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Steven Low
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Could be a technique issue, or just overly tight muscles in general... lots of different things.

Try getting a massage, and try getting a vid up of your running/sprinting technique. If you know you go heel-toe you need to correct that.
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