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Rick Deckart
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Default Nothing new under the sun...

You may be interested to hear that in the third edition of the book Gewichtheben from Gerhard Carl (1976, Sportverlag Berlin (DDR)), the author lists Kettlebells and sandbags as abolutely essential equipment for "Muskelkrafttraining" (strength training) in the context of olympic weightlifting training. Would have to look up what kind of excercises the author
recommends with KBs and sandbags. BTW he advocates usage of gymnastic (Rings, parallel bars, high bar etc.) as well and ...

Ahh I just found the chapter: Rundgwichte (KBs), author advocates: swings, swings with the legs(!), imitation of parts of the classical lifting techniques (pulls, jerk, press) with the KBs , well really, there is apparantly nothing new under the sun. KBs were used around 1976 to improve Oly lifts in the old DDR...

BTW the book is pretty good. Highly entertaining are the construction plans of training equipment partly build from household items...
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