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Kyle Marston
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Default Scaling/Relative Intensity 2

I really liked Pierre's article and am going to give his scaling methodology a shot but I struggled a bit with the methodology for scaling gymanstics movements. If you've read the article, where did the 50% scaling for the total pullups in the Fran example come from?

I doesn't really make sense to me to scale the bodyweight stuff based on the weightlifting scaling of 50%, nor does it make sense to scale just on the rep range of 45 (suggesting scaling of 40%-50%). Mainly because that means that the scaling would never change even as you got better at pullups. It does make sense to keep the reps in any given round below the max pullup number, but the scaling of 50% seems to be more precise than that. I'm sure I'm just missing something obvious here.
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Steven Low
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I'd scale them according to your max reps of pullups.

The other way you can do it is scale according to your weighted 1 RM, but then you could be potentially adding in weighted pullups for Fran if you got strong enough.
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