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Jeff Petereson
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Default Timeline for Results

I'm curious about how soon IF starts producing benefits. Does it take a considerable amount of time before things start happening, or is it pretty quick? I'm wondering if it's possible to do IF a few days a week, cycling it with the Zone.
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Robb Wolf
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I’m not sure how soon benefits occur with Intermittent Fasting but I suspect the results are immediate. It may be a rough transition if you are insulin resistant but once you make that transition it will be pretty easy. Just make sure to eat as much as you would normally but just in a compressed window and or every other day. Regarding IF frequency…no one knows what is the “right” amount but I think benefits can be had on 2-3 days per week, particularly if one is eating low carb and exercising on an empty stomach. We have touched on this in the Performance Menu but will be looking at these topics in more detail later. Good Questions!
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