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Pierre Auge
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I took some ZMA tabs about 5 minutes ago swallowed them down at least I thought I had with a big glass of water. I just caughed and I guess half of one of the tabs was caught in the back of my throat without me noticing??? I caughed, sneezed and a big puff of white powder blew out of my nose then the tab fell down the back of my throat.

Where the fk the tab was I don't know and how the fk it got there even less but geeeze that was weird!
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Steve Shafley
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Ha! It was in your sinuses.

A few times a year, I will get some food or something up in my sinuses and I have to blow it out my nose. Interesting party trick, though often painful.
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Allen Yeh
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I ended uo getting used to the Biotest ZMA, that first week though was very sleepless. My only guess was that my body was able to notice a difference between the types of Zinc being used? (A lame guess to be sure but everything else was pretty much the same, well the same as much as having 3 kids can be).

I hate to say it but I do like the Biotest ZMA much better than the GNC stuff, not to mention the fact that the Biotest stuff doesn't STINK like I have no idea what!
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Elliot Royce
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a big puff of white powder blew out of my nose
Honest, Officer, it was just a ZMA tab that blew back.....yeah right....
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John Alston
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I am one of those that can't sleep at all on ZMA. I ended up taking all my ZMA in the morning for fear of sleeplessness.
I don't trust myself with a sleep window, there's too much potential from the noisy neighbors.
I might try the taurine trick, though slowly with the ZMA. I only do my Mg in the A.M. now, after that bad ZMA nights.
Anyone know what ZMA (mg?) keeps one up so bad?
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Old 09-02-2009, 05:03 AM   #16
liz neufeldt
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Taurine will definitely help with sleep issues. It helps you fall asleep more easily and sleep well. And it's one of those things you really kind of need if you are working out intensely anyway. The body makes taurine, but for those who have intense workouts, it gets depleted faster than the body can replenish its stores of it. It will help you feel more refreshed and energized with those workouts.
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