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Donald Lee
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Originally Posted by Allen Yeh View Post
Not particularly. I usually do mornings right now but when I was doing Oly it was typically afternoon.

I just think you have to go with the most bang for your buck. It's great to do prehab and movement prep, dynamic flexibility...etc but IMO 1/2 hour per session is a bit too much. I do recovery stuff separately at night.
I guess it all depends, but I still think close to 30 minutes is ideal performance and injury prevention-wise. Maybe less can be done if not much ROM is required. I know many athletes in various sports have even longer warmups. The warm-up protocol I follow is from Kurz' "Stretching Scientifically." Interestingly, except for the joint mobility work, pretty much every book I've read has the same warm-up prescriptions.

I do very little prehab though because of time constraints. I superset my dynamic warmup by pairing upper body and lower body to get through it quickly. My warmups have been getting shorter though, as you don't need to do as many reps for dynamic flexibility after a while.

Anyways, here's a good thread where Lyle talks about his warmup and warmups in general:

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Eric Egan
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i did the warm up from the you tube video plus added some shoulder dislocates and jump rope. my shoulders feel great after the work out and didnt hurt during the jerks.

thank you to all that replied.
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Timothy Scalise
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Originally Posted by Allen Yeh View Post
I 2nd this recommendation for Oly days., it takes around 10-15 minutes. I disagree that a warmup should take 30 minutes, that would be half my workout time just warming up.

500 m's on the rower
a few minutes of joint mobility
a few minutes of dynamic flexibility

I'll then do the Burgener warmup afterwards.
I agree that 30 minute warm up is way too long. I usally like to do my warm up about what you have here...

joint mobility
sit in a squat and move myself around to loosen my ankels up
then I do a few high pulls with the bar
then a few muslce snatches
then hang power, and snatches all with the bar, then time to go to work

if im not doing snatches then ill just do some power cleans and then hang cleans with the bar, and then some wrist flexibility stuff with the clean grip

usally takes 10 minutes top for me to warm up
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Paul Willadsen
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I do some dislocates, OHS w/bar, snatch balance w/bar, body-weight squats takes about 4-6 minutes this is for snatch workout. I too think 30 minutes is too long it'e hard for me to do 4-6 I always want to get right to the workout and I am 60.
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