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Robert Bennett
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Default Lights out! TS Wiley

Hi all,

I have started reading Lights out by TS wiley and it is incredible! Absolutely mind blowing in my opinion. I know there are a few people on here that have read it and so I was wondering what your honest opinions are on this book. The reason I ask is that it makes some huge and bold statements...but to me they just seem to make complete logical sense. Also, I know TS wiley is very contreversial with regards to her bio-identical hormone therapy which is why initally I wasn't sure how seriously I should take the information in Lights out she presents. But anyway I must say it is one of the best books I have ever read and makes sense!

So can anyone please express an opinion. It would be much apprecited.

PS: To anyone that doesn't have this book: it is an excellent read and I really recommend it for everyone.


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