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Grissim Connery
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Default Thick Rings?

Over the past month or 2, i have been working on some high bar elements with like a 2-2.5" bar. I assumed that the real high bar was this thick. my hands would peel off back swings all the time. i went online and saw how they are actually much skinnier. i went to my college gym and tried their skinny pullup bars. the only hard part about gripping these was that they are extremely rough textured, so my skin was screaming. my strength on the other hand was fine.

I normally find grip to be one of the most limiting things in ring training. i'm now thinkin about buying another set of rings and wrapping one of my pairs up with some material to make it much thicker. anybody had experience with something like this?

i'd like to work on ring swings as well, but it's not gonna work on my home rings. are real gymnastic rings the only trustworthy ones to swing on? i thought about looping rope or something since for a while i'd just focus on the low portion of the swing.

i just got some money so i'm gonna try going to a local gymnastic club now. maybe it will all work out on it's own.
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