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Brian Merklin
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Default Training Problems with a Weird Schedule

So I was just offered a position at my dream job. This is a huge opportunity for me and there is no question I will take the offer.

However, the one problem is the shifts are pretty funky: two weeks on, followed by two weeks off. This is to be out in the middle of Nevada which is about a 9 hour commute for me.

The obvious problem is how do I work a training schedule around this? We will be furnished living quarters, but no fitness equipment - and there is no gym in the local town. I had considered just trucking my own weights with me, but it's going to be a pretty rugged drive both ways, and 300+ pounds of extra weight in my pickup isn't something I think I'm going to do. The hours of actual work are sporadic and intermittent; sleep and food are a take-em-when-you-get-em deal.

Any opinions/suggestions/experience on this? Would a two week on/off training schedule work for strength gains?

Sorry about the weird question, but I've been doing pretty well lately with gains and I'm a little bummed about possibly halting or reversing them.

Anything is appreciated.

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