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Larry Lindenman
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Default Big 21 Program

I just completed a great Olympic Lifting Program. It put about 15 pounds on my clean and jerk and 20 lbs on my snatch! A lot of my progress had to do with three weeks of focus on the O-lifts and complete rest from the WOD. Warning, week 1 is easy, week three is brutal. Here is the program:

The Big 21

3 Weeks - Monday, Wednesday, & Friday (9 Sessions)
3 sets of 5 & then 6 singles of the following exercises:

1. Power Clean (from floor) & Military Press with 3 Press-out per rep (3" range of motion)
2. Snatch
3. Clean & Jerk

The Rules
A. You must increase the barís weight 5 Lbs on every set.

B. You must increase the start weight every session by 5 Lbs.

C. Remember that the weight that you finish with in session #1 is the weight you start with in session #9, so plot out the entire 9 sessions before you start. Start light.

D. Enjoy

After the three weeks, rest a couple of days and test max efforts on the O-lifts. Warning, this workout is long...the last week it was taking me over an hour to complete.
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