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Rick Deckart
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Default 15 OHS with bodyweight---carry over...

Sorry for spamming the forum with my recent success story. But I thought some of you might be interested in the carry over I noticed. Well I have achieved one of my short term goals as already stated in two other threads:

A 15 rep OHS set with bodyweight on the bar:


It was not really difficult I must say. So is there a transfer of the OHS training to the deadlift, squat etc.?

Today I tried to figure out a sorta max for my deadlift. You can see the workout log entry here:


I should have done this tomorrow, as this is a) a new PR and b) only 5.5kg shy of a double bodyweight deadlift. But here comes the catch---I haven't touched a weight heavier than 106kg in the last months and did not do a single deadlift since last Christmas.

I may test back and front squat in a couple of days, we will see.

I was starting to wonder if the 15 OHS with BW is really elite, as some lists of athletic feats imply. Frankly I don't think so. If somebody like me (in other words Joe Average but with some serious handicaps) can achieve this in 3--4 months, this feat cannot be elite, no way. Elite for me would mean that you need years of dedicated training to achieve the goal, not a couple of months and a bit of volume. And just to clarify Dan John never claimed this feat to be elite...
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