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Chris Forbis
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Default Hibernation (honey) diet

Info on honey consumption as it relates to the hibernation diet:

So I saw Dr. G mention the Hibernation (honey) diet. I read up on it. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence on ketosis having a negative impact on sleep (Google ketosis + insomnia). Since I stay pretty low on carbohydrate consumption I thought I would give it a 10 day trial run. I bought some locally produced, raw honey. 1 Tbsp a night before bed for a few days, then up to 2 and 3.

It was more difficult to get to sleep. Sleep was less deep, as I would wake several times during the night. I was unsure of what time I would wake, as I have no visible clock, but I never had difficulty getting back to sleep. I did a much better job of recounting dreams.

Scrounging around online, I found this on low carb diets and sleep quality: http://blog.bodybuilding.com/Studies...sleep-quality/ Perhaps I was getting more REM sleep, thus more dreams? I tend to rarely remember dreams so it was definitely different and seemed like I was dreaming more. Some basic Googling seemed to indicate HGH release was higher during slow wave sleep.

I didn't find much info via Google on brain preference for glucose/ketones during sleep and the effect of each on sleep. If anyone can find information on that front, I would be interested.

A pleasant side effect of the honey consumption was a lessening of body odor. Normally by the evening of a (slightly stressful) day of work I have gotten a little ripe, to the point that deodorant re-application is necessary if I am going out to do something. None of that here and my pits are unoffensive even after a lifting session.

Verdict: Thumbs down on improving sleep quality. Maybe it is helpful for people that are not fat adapted, but for me, if anything, it disrupted sleep. I am a big fan of passing out when my head hits the pillow and sleeping like a log for 8+ hours. This taking time to fall asleep and waking several times sucked. Thumbs up on BO lessening. I think I'll have a tablespoon with breakfast every day, maybe dinner too.
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