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Old 10-30-2009, 08:07 PM   #1
Emily Mattes
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Default "Normal" rate of progress

After one too many "are you on the juice" jokes, I'm wondering what is considered to be a normal rate of progress for beginning Oly lifters with virtually no prior sports experience.

I don't consider myself to be genetically gifted, I don't have any significant sports experience to speak of prior to weightlifting (I would say the most useful experience was the three months of Crossfit I did spread across a year prior to starting). In the past year, these are my lift increases at a bodyweight of about 175-180lbs, lifting 4-5 times a week:

BS: 77 --> 107x2
FS: 65x2 --> 97
Snatch: 36 --> 60
Jerk: 55 --> 77
Clean: 48 --> 80
Meet total: 82 --> 137

I see guys making progress in their lifts like mine in a couple of months, not a year, so this seems like a pretty slow rate for me. They're male, but still.

Is this an OK rate of progress? How much better could I be if I dialed every aspect of my program in (sleep, nutrition, etc)? I'm trying all that on my own right now, but it's hard to stay motivated when I'm not sure what's a good expectation for growth.

EDIT: D'oh, it's over a year.
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