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Thanks Danny.

Just did some sled dragging today.

On the plus side, we are starting a weightlifting program at a local community youth center, and found out that they had a pretty great kids boxing program, as well as you kids wrestling program. So William wanted to do them, so I enrolled him. Now maybe hell have someone else to hit besides me.

I also posted two videos on Williams log. He doubled 20k on the snatch, and singled a PR of 22kg. Hes a little shaky right now on the pull (yanking off the floor, bending the arms) on his max weights, but damn nice bottom position, and he duck walks several steps forward on one of the attempts to save it... I was pretty impressed! He loves getting comments on his blog, so if you have a mind to watch the videos and comment, that would be great. And Gant, that means you especially. William specifically mentioned that he wanted me to make sure you saw his videos.
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Daniel Mays
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Could you ask William to leave feedback in my log? The only feedback about my athletic endeavors is from younger cousins who think I'm amazing or old people who have no idea. William seems like he could give me some actual constructive criticism at this point.

Your also welcome to leave feedback. I'm one of those polar feedback type guys, it's either amazing, or lame : )

Danny Mays
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Alex Bond
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Glenn, I thought you might get a kick out of this. I had a dream the other night, most of the details of which I can't remember, but I do clearly recall that in my dream, I owned one of your NexGen Bearing Barbells. Maybe I had been thinking about barbells too much that day, but it sounds like a omen for when I get my garage gym going! It's an odd story I thought I should share.
Training Log
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Im just glad your dreaming about my barbells, and not me.

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