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Grissim Connery
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Default Front Lever Stagnation

I've been stuck for a while now. I can pull from a hang to a full front lever. from here i can only hold for about 2-3 seconds. lowering to a front lever is never as nice. i can lower with single legs fine. When lowering with a straddle, my hips always roll over and pike a bit so that my crotch starts pointing up at the ceiling when my spine is horizontal to the ground. i can't tell if this is a flexibility issue or what. when lowering into a full lever from inverted hang, 1 of 2 things happens.
1. i keep really straight, but near the horizontal point, i can't stop the momentum at all really
2. i stop some of the momentum, but i pike a bit and sort of look like a boat from yoga.

i've been kinda stuck on problem solving this. i would like to have some other exercise to supplement. reverse cranks helped me reach a full back lever a while back. these are nice because you go from a posterior chain stretch and contract it out. the regular cranks don't seem to help as much because you go from a contracted position and then lengthen your core as you reach the hardest leverage point. As i type this now, i'm realizing that ice cream makers actually might suit this purpose well.

i can do a full dragon flag/body lever from a candlestick position to horizontal and back up for about 3 reps (maybe 5). i hope that this means that my core has the potential to maintain the lever. therefore, is it my pull that is not strong enough? i don't feel that rows adequately target the right spots since they feel much different compared to front lever stuff.

i do a moderate amount of L-work. i work hanging leg lifts and L-pullups (now that i finally figured out how to do these without killing my shoulders!) to a decent extent. should i up these?

Any advice? i feel that my problem is that so many other things don't quite feel like the front lever, so i dont' find the same carryover. the only things i find to feel similar are the ice cream makers andpulls from hanging to lever, with either bent or straight arms.
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