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Grissim Connery
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Default Front Lever Stagnation

I've been stuck for a while now. I can pull from a hang to a full front lever. from here i can only hold for about 2-3 seconds. lowering to a front lever is never as nice. i can lower with single legs fine. When lowering with a straddle, my hips always roll over and pike a bit so that my crotch starts pointing up at the ceiling when my spine is horizontal to the ground. i can't tell if this is a flexibility issue or what. when lowering into a full lever from inverted hang, 1 of 2 things happens.
1. i keep really straight, but near the horizontal point, i can't stop the momentum at all really
2. i stop some of the momentum, but i pike a bit and sort of look like a boat from yoga.

i've been kinda stuck on problem solving this. i would like to have some other exercise to supplement. reverse cranks helped me reach a full back lever a while back. these are nice because you go from a posterior chain stretch and contract it out. the regular cranks don't seem to help as much because you go from a contracted position and then lengthen your core as you reach the hardest leverage point. As i type this now, i'm realizing that ice cream makers actually might suit this purpose well.

i can do a full dragon flag/body lever from a candlestick position to horizontal and back up for about 3 reps (maybe 5). i hope that this means that my core has the potential to maintain the lever. therefore, is it my pull that is not strong enough? i don't feel that rows adequately target the right spots since they feel much different compared to front lever stuff.

i do a moderate amount of L-work. i work hanging leg lifts and L-pullups (now that i finally figured out how to do these without killing my shoulders!) to a decent extent. should i up these?

Any advice? i feel that my problem is that so many other things don't quite feel like the front lever, so i dont' find the same carryover. the only things i find to feel similar are the ice cream makers andpulls from hanging to lever, with either bent or straight arms.
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jake oleander
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That's strange i always found lowering into the movement to be easier than pulling up to it. I never attained the full lever, but this was true of all the other variations for me.

Another real good lever exercise is the one where you go from L-hang, pull to lever, pull to inverted hang, down to lever, down to L-hang- pause for a second or two at each poisition. Try to do 3-5 reps. Scale appropriately.
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Steven Low
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Inverted hang slow eccentric to hang... 3 sets of 2x8-10s. Two sets are clustered 1 minute apart, with 4-5 minutes rest between each cluster.

So 1x10s 1 min 1x10s, 5 min, 1x10s 1 min 1x10s, 5 min, etc.

Looks like you may be able to do it in straddle.. try not to pike at all. If you to fall faster it's fine. Just means you're not ready for the full thing yet.

Once you can do this solidly you should be able to do the full thing.
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