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george nesrallah
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Default Effects of prolonged low carb?

I have been eating low carb fairly consistently for the past 11 months or so. My main method of eating has been CKD, with it usually lasting 4-6 weeks and than I do 2 weeks at maintenance calories (I gave Paleo a good try but for some odd reason I felt horrible on it and my fat percentage went up).

Over the past 2 months the scale has pretty much stalled with only 3 pounds lost and body fat remaining fairly consistent within 1-2%. I have decided that I am going to increase my ratios and calories, with it being a 40/40/20 split of carbohydrates, protien and fat at 2300 calories (I have been between 16-1800 calories for a very long time).

I guess what I am wondering is it possible I have done serious damage to my metabolism by staying regimented with CKD for so long? Even during my maintenance with CKD I did it quite improperly, only going up to 15% max. of carbs daily in my eating plan. So basically for the past 11 months I haven't eaten over 15% carbs on any given day (except for designated cheat days which were about once every 5 weeks and carb. load days).

Sorry for the long post. I think I am just really frustrated at the lack of weight/fat loss.

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