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Kevin Perry
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So basically it's like this: Massive shoulder pain occurred a couple weeks ago, went to the doctor he said it was bursitis and gave me some anti-inflamatory pills, I took this on wed and thursday had stomach pain which got worse into friday then my lower right abdomen and groin was hurting a lot, went to work and the shift would not let me leave so it took about 4 hours to convince her to let me leave, went to the hospital and got rushed into surgery for appendicitis.

I've had a lot of problems with stomach pain, trouble holding food down, getting an upset stomach very easily, not being able to eat a lot and all sorts of pain before and after urinating around my lower abdominals, never went to a doc because the stomach pain was random and normally resolved by morning, that and doctors tend to not believe you unless the pain is actually occurring at that moment.. well now I know why it happened.

Since the surgery on friday night/Sat morning (it was like 1 in the morning i think), my shoulder pain is gone and I've been able to hold food down better and actually eat a little more.

I suspect I may actually feel tons better after im 100% again so much that training, eating, and recovery may improve dramatically. It's pretty relieving to now know all those episodes of stomach pain and pain after urination since I was a kid are due to my appendix and it has been resolved and that many of my problems with eating, recovery, stress, piss poor training may be largely due to the above.
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