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Eric Deangelis
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Default Paleo Fat Loss

First off, I have been reading for a few months and this is my first post - this is the best place for fitness I have come across.

opI am 6 foot male, 25, 185 and I do Grant's Hybrid Crossfit Strength twice a week, 3 times a week 2 hour BBJ, and 1 time a week 2 hour MMA and easy yoga on off day. I am around 9 or 10% BF now, I can see abs, but I would liek to know how to drop a few pounds of Body fat to get a more defined six pack. It is pure vanity, I want to see what it feels like and then I will probably resume my current way of eating. Diet looks like this on average:


5 full eggs
half cup natural frozen strawberries
small handful of Walnuts
cooked in Olive Oil (all mixed together- really freaking good)
2 cups black coffee
est: 650- 700 cal

Huge bowl Spinach (4 cups?)
cherry tomatoes
sliced bella mushrooms
sliced cucumber (5 or 6 slices)
Chicken Breast
Olive Oil Dressing

Mix of Almonds, cashews, and macadamia nuts

Small Apple

est: 600 or 700 cal

1:00 pm
Green or Black Tea

2 pieces of Tilapia
Eggplant cooked with Onion (olive oil spray)
2 cups broccoli
few almonds for fat

est: 500

BBJ 6- 8:15

7 or 8 oz of chop steak trimmed on visable fat. (usually have 2 chicken breasts with salsa!)
est: 300

I have been eating paleo for awhile now and really enjoy it. Also I have tryed Zone for a few months and I liked it, BUT I was always hungry and I was going nuts measuring food and counting nuts- so now I refuse to WAM although I always try to eat protien/fat/carb to dent insulin. I usually do a 16- 19 hour IF 2 times a week as well. On those days my caloric intake is probably about 300- 400 less. So it looks like im averaging 2300 calories. This is a LONG term diet, its how I eat. Id like to drop to high 170s and 7ish% BF. Current lift: DL 315, BS 300, Bench 265, Shoulder Press 160. I posted somehting like this on the CF forum as well with no real good replies.

So how can I loose those last, few pounds?

Thanks in advance
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