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Steve Romer
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Default Some of my words have been banned

without warning at the CrossFit forum for talking about the Robb Wolf firing. I obeyed all the rules but talking about the Robb Wolf firing cause my thread asking; "Which is better the Modern Diet with Zoning or the Paleo Diet without Zoning?" was banned. I was not given a reason for the banning it is just banned.

They can't even handle a diet discussion. Well they just lost me. I will never pay for a CrossFit Cert because they can't simple discussion of diets. Also, I will never join a Gym because they are a CrossFit Affiliate. I no longer see that Affiliation as a badge of honor. I no longer care about the CrossFit games; because I no longer believe those games are for the good of community, but rather they are just a highly profitable marketing tool for CFHQ.

Also, I am businessman and the Robb Wolf firing caused me to look at the Affiliate model of CrossFit and I do not see upside of being a CrossFit Affiliate. It is way too easy to become an Affiliate with no quality control. There are many more poorly run affiliates than well run ones. If this isn’t corrected soon all of the affiliates will harmed by disgusted clients of the poorly run affiliates.

With the explosion of affiliates, the affiliate’s ability to earn a reasonable wage will become harder and harder. Only people who benefit from the affiliate model as practiced by CFHQ is CFHQ. It seems to me the affiliate’s sole purpose is to funnel money into CFHQ.

All these facts sadden me, because CrossFit had the promise to be something special in this world. Greed has ruined that promise and that is sad for all of us gave a damn just a few short days ago. I believe CFHQ will remain highly profitable because too many of Kool-Ade drinkers do not question CFHQ’s actions. Too many the people applying for Affiliation believe Affiliation is quick and easy path to becoming well paid fitness coach and CFHQ is feeding those expectations.

I thought if enough of us, the customers of CrossFit, spoke loud enough and long enough we could get CFHQ listen to us. I was wrong. The Business of CrossFit will survive for a long time; however CrossFit as the special place to test new theories for obtaining peak fitness died at the BlackBox Summit.

Hey I am new here so thanks for allowing me get this off my chest.
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