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Brian Lawyer
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Default My two passions; O'Lifts + MMA

Hey Guys,
I've been on CA for a while now and never bothered to check out the Fighting section. Looks like a good group of guys in here with the same interests as me; O'Lifting and MMA training. I've been really into O'lifting for the past year. I haven't done much MMA training since 2001 but recently have been getting back into it.

From reading through the recent posts, it appears many others are attempting to figure out how they can integrate a program to do both O'lifts and MMA. Has anyone been successful? They seem to be so different sports. Huge difference when doing max effort lifts 80-95% and resting 2-3 minutes between sets versus the rigors of MMA training. Not too mention the demands on your body from going from heavy olympic lifts to grappling training.

Take a look at my training log, the link is in my signature. I have some video where I tried to go from an Olympic lifting competition one weekend to MMA the next weekend. All I can say now is that I am a believer in metabolic conditioning... Also, I don't see how you could stay competetive in both sports. It seems like one would have to choose one or the other....
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