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james forshaw
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Default Strength strategy critique

I'm currently doing CFFB and loving it. For the moment I'm happy to stay around 77kg and the weights on the SWOD are slowly heading in the right direction. I think pretty soon they'll top out at around the same numbers I was lifting at the end of doing Texas Method and won't go much beyond that. When that happens I think I'll be wanting to start eating and go up to about 83-85kg, whilst simultaneously gaining a lot of strength and hopefully start doing the heavier CFFB metcons as rx'd - in short, goals are rapid weight gain and a vast improvement in my back squat and deadlift (ballpark figures of 180 and 210 respectively).

What do you guys think of my idea to get to mid-80s BW quickly? It's based on one of Bill Starr's strategies, altered to include deadlifts (can't not have deadlifts, even if Bill wrote it):

Monday Heavy
Squat 5x5 (ramped)
Bench 5x5 (ramped)
Deadlift 1x5
Ab work (whatever really, so long as it's hard)

Wednesday Light
Squat 4x5 (last two sets same as 3rd set from monday)
Push Press 3x5
Power Clean 3x3
Either tabata row or Litvinov e.g. 3 x (heavy KBS+sprint) with full rest

Friday Medium
Squat 4x5, 1x3, 1x8 (4 sets as monday, triple monday's 5th+2.5%)
Bench (same as squat)
Deadlift 1x3 (increase over monday's 5RM)
Ab work

-random e.g. 12x50m, 8x200m, 2x(40-60-80-100) etc etc

I think by the time I've got my squat back to 160kg and deadlift to 185kg from CFFB and a maintenance diet + IF, then I'll be able to handle the volume of this routine and the 2 short, intense metcons if I do GOMAD and get plenty of sleep.

What do you guys think, feasible for 16 weeks or so?
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