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Brian DeGennaro
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I think everything should be cycled out routinely (every 6 weeks) if you are a generalist or a Crossfitter. When I was doing track and gymnastics in high school, I varied the stances on squats as well as the squats used, same with deadlifts. It was a lot of fun, showed me what weaknesses I do and do not have.
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Jay Ashman
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when it comes to back squat, you are probably right, now I am in the middle of a low bar cycle and its working out for me great for me and my current needs. I'll probably do some high bar work after this is over for variety. Can't hurt at all...
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Dave Van Skike
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Originally Posted by Jay Ashman View Post
Dave, that is all great if you are just a guy who is lifting for general purposes, but if you are competing in a sport like PL or OL, you kinda have to figure out which one is best to use for your needs.

And let me clarify, that just because a guy does the occasional C&J does NOT make him an Oly Lifter, it means he does it occasionally, so when I see that debate by a guy who is cleaning and jerking 150# and calling himself an oly lifter, I almost shit myself and want to yell "JUST SQUAT MORE!!!!!!!"
i gently suggest that no one figures it out from reading the interweb.

i believe in the first person narrative.tell me what you did or what you saw done and why you think it worked or didn't.

nearly everyhting else is lies, repeated lies or exagerrated political positioning.

squat politics are sofa king we todd ed.
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Brandon Oto
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edit: I'm dumb, ignore
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