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Ryan Smith
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Default Omeprazole given for ankle recovery?

I'm not sure if this belongs in this section... if not, mods feel free to move it...

I'm about 6 months post surgery for my ankle. I went to the doctor's today and they prescribed me a new supply of anti-inflammatories (naproxen sodium) that I never take and something else called Omeprazole. I did a quick google search and found it was similar to prisiloc and is a proton-pump inhibitor intended to block stomach acid secretion for treatment of ulcers and acid-reflux. I've never had ulcers/acid-reflux or anything similar to it, and I'm not really sure why this was prescribed to me and whether I should even take it.

I thought at first that maybe the doctor gave it to me for fat-loss because I was joking around about how I'm trying to drop the fat I gained from not working out and eating crap the last 6 months, but from my internet reading I haven't come across it being used as a fat-loss tool (unless I'm missing something).

Anyone know anything about this and whether it's worth taking? I generally don't take many (read any) prescription medicines as I'm a pretty big fan of the body fixing itself through rest, exercise, and diet.

Thanks for your help.
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