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Eric Deangelis
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Default Post Workout

I know I have read this on other posts, but I have been tinkering a lot with my post workout meals- there are just so many opinions on the matter. I have been eating 3 good meals a day, 100% paleo, with adequate protien and fats, with lower carbs all comming from veggies such as broccoli, bell peppers, red cabbage, spinach, etc. I do BJJ and lift. On lifting days my dinner usually comes within an hour of lifting, and i usually make it larger than other days so it acts as a post workout meal for me. I am more concerened with BJJ nights. I have been recently just eating dinner at around 4:30 or 5 and not eating when i get back from BJJ. I get back around 8:15, take a shower, and sit down not even thinking about hunger and Im in bed 20 minutes later. So question is...am I really missing anything not "refueling" after bjj? What would you recommend or what do you do?

Goals: get stronger, maintain sub 10% body fat, keep energy, and get better at bjj.


Thanks for the advice
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