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Kevin Carey
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Default New to Catalyst, looking for exercise clarification

I'm a long time gym rat, crossfit toddler. I recently got my OHS down pretty solid, and am pretty confident in the snatch, so I'm going to do the WODs here for a bit to strengthen my identified weakness- the oly lifts.
I'm a little lost in some of the exercise RXs, for example-
3 sets:
A1. Pull-ups x 6; 21X0; add weight each set as needed to hit reps; 1 min rest
A2. GHB sit-ups x max consecutive; 2010; NO failed reps; 2 min rest

On the pullups, what does the 21x0 mean? And on the sit ups, 2010?
help me out, thanks in advance
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Scott Hanson
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These are tempo prescriptions as described by OPT here: http://optfaq.blogspot.com/
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Greg Everett
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also here

Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches - 3rd Edition Now Out

"Without a doubt the best book on the market about Olympic-style weightlifting." - Mike Burgener, USAW Senior International Coach

American Weightlifting: The Documentary
Catalyst Athletics
Performance Menu Journal
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