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R. Alan Hester
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Default BJJ and LSD; or, not throwing the baby out....

...with the bath water.


I have noticed personally that 30 minute jogs on 2 off days over 4-day long weekends seems to give me more mat gas. I have tried taking 4-day travel breaks with the following over the last 15 months:

1) LSD 2 days;
2) No LSD but instead 2 high intensity circuit days;
3) Nothing but stretching.

When I return to class, my mat gas is noticeably better doing number 1, with number 2 and 3 coming in 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

At first, I bought into the LSD is old school for fighters, hi intensity is where it is at. I couldn't tell you why it works for me, though.

Any ideas?
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