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Jonathan Silverman
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Default snatch dl vs dl

hey, so i am working my way through everetts book, i wanna know what is the diff bet a snatch dl and a regular dl?

ps aimee anaya is the cover girl. she's got nice thighs
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jake oleander
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snatch deadlift is done with your snatch grip and is just the first pull of the snatch.
to over-simplify it, it's a wide grip deadlift.
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Arden Cogar Jr.
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Agreed with Jake and will add that Aimee has got a whole lot more than just nice thighs. Whoa. I feel reallllllly old.

All the best,
Lifting heavy stuff is fun and relative......
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Ben Moskowitz
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Snatch Deadlift
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Joe Hart
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glad somebody else broached the Aimee topic...I saw the picture of her in the wedding dress...Two things WOW and Greg is really lucky. The bridesmaids were not hard on the eyes either. Now I feel old.
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Aimee has a daughter (age 6 or 7?) that is way cuter than she is... just sayin'

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