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Old 02-11-2010, 08:32 AM   #1
James Stallworthy
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Default Combining oly lifting and powerlifting

I've been doing 5/3/1 for just shy of a year now and I'm really enjoying the gains I'm making as well as having a nice, clear target to hit every time I go to the gym. I moved to a new gym 6 months ago that had a platform and bumper plates so I took the opportunity to learn the power snatch and power clean, which has gradually progressed into doing full cleans and full snatches. I'm really enjoying the oly lifting and want to try and get into a more consistent routine rather than turning up and doing whatever I feel like before doing my 5/3/1 routine.

I've searched around for ideas but most people doing 5/3/1 while oly lifting do it 4 days/week whereas I only lift 3 days/week. As a beginner I figure I don't need to do anything other than the full classical lifts and their power variants so it's just a matter of figuring out how to combine them with 5/3/1.

How does this look to you guys with more experience than me?

Snatch to single then 3x1@85%
Low bar back squat 5/3/1
Front squat 5x8

Power snatch to single then 3x1@85%
Bench press 5/3/1
Weighted dips - 50 total reps
Bent over row 3x8

Clean to single then 3x1@85%
Sumo deadlift 5/3/1
Romanian deadlift 5x10

Power clean to single then 3x1@85%
Push press 5/3/1
Military press 5x10
Weighted pull-ups - 50 total reps
Face pulls 3x8


I think it'll give me enough recovery and won't impact too much on the powerlifting side of things. Or am I completely along the wrong tracks?
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Old 02-11-2010, 09:43 AM   #2
Allen Yeh
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IMO when doing this just leave the lifts to the lower body days. Then on upper body days do things like jerks/push jerks...etc and other supplementary exercises.
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-Kelly Starrett
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