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Default Training and diet with kidney damage

Hi all,

I'm concerned about a friend of mine. (No, not me this time, thank God.)

She's in her early twenties and about 2 years ago she lost one of her kidneys in a car crash. The other one is also slightly damaged and not functioning at 100%. She recovered well and is an exceptional athlete, no question about it - very strong, lots of muscle mass, great work capacity. Bodyfat is a bit high, but because of her kidney damage, she's wary of any diet that is too high in protein. So far the only recommendation her doctor has given her is to stay away from protein supplements and cut back on salt.

I read up a bit on diets for people with kidney problems, but the recommendations seem to come from the same place as the low-fat, high-carb, margarine-is-better-than-butter recs and I don't know enough physiology to sift out the good info... Maybe someone more knowledgeable can point me to some reading material or suggest some guidelines to help her stay healthy in the long run (first of all) and possibly lose some bodyfat?

What about training? She is a dancer and besides that she lifts heavy once or twice a week and does a good deal of handbalancing, pressing etc. (ex-gymnast). That seems to be working well for her. I'm thinking the only thing she should be mindful of is not doing any really long metcons (risk of rhabdo) - input on this?

Many many thanks in advance.
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