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Steve Shafley
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Well, well, well.


Pierre sent me 7 workouts. Thank you Pierre.

This is the first:

Skills Practice:

KB Sotts Press

-did 4 rounds of practice on each. My L-sits are short and don't look like Ls. Isometric holds like that are obviously a glaring weakness.

-Sotts press...light practice went ok.


1 Arm KB Sotts Press: 24kg kb x 3 each hand, x10

-this started badly, got better, then as I got tired towards the end turned ugly again. I was only able to do 1 Sotts with the 32kg kb, so I had to go down.


DARC swingx10
1H pressx5
1H thrusterx10
Figure 8x5

20 minutes, for rounds.

I did 8 complete rounds.

I didn't clarify with Pierre, so it I counted each hand switch in the DARCs and one rep...I hope that was correct, then I alternated hands each round for the 1 handed stuff.

At the end of 5 rounds, which I completed continuously, there was 12 minutes left on the clock, and my heart rate was 168 bpm. Note that it took me the rest of the time to do 3 more rounds.

This got tough fast, and basically there were several places I had to stop to breathe and puss out, and it was always during the thrusters.

Afterwards I hit some hip flexor, glute, hamstring and quad stretches, and did some shoulder prehab.

I did this at night, so you know it's going to fuck my sleep up.
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