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Lawrence "Bo" Boland III
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Default Hypoallergenic WL Shoes?

This may seem a bit silly to people that have no experience with this, but I've had a pretty horrible problem in the last few years of being allergic to something that is in most shoes. I haven't been able to pinpoint the exact material, even with a barrage of allergy tests, but I believe it to be some sort of glue that is used in most shoe-making.

Anyways... I'm normally confined to wearing hemp-based shoes, or shoes that have little to no glue involved in the manufacturing. I just got a pair of Pendlay do-wins, and after a couple of uses, I'm pretty sure that I'm allergic to them and I'll have to send them back. Though... I hope to give them a few more days.

Does anyone know of any such "hypoallergenic" Weightlifting Shoes? Something with minimal use of glues. Maybe something labeled "organic"?

My google-fu has not yielded anything, and I figured that this crowd may have heard of such a product.
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