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Scott Dyck
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Here's another little chalkboard video transcript, courtesy of the same faithful one:

Pudding: (Recalling tale of running, wall ball and box jump workout where couch was supposedly training body builders) . Scaled appropriated, anyone one the planet who's functional, healthy, should be able to perform that workout at some level. . . . If all your training separates musculature
with isolation movements, uh, that workout will likely injure you.

Couch: Yeah, I've got it, I've heard a lot of body builders doing (innocuous?) mistakes. Box jump.

Pudding: Jumping up on a box .. .

Couch: Up, ouch! What happened? hamstring, or hip, knee or something, its weird.

Pudding: So there is some integration of these movements .. .

Couch: Of course there is. Immense, immense. Widely interdependent, just the, just the inter, just the interplay of of glute, hamstring, and quadricep is dizzying in its, in its ramifications, I think.

Pudding: Right . . .

Couch: More complex a system than I want to take apart.

What a douche canoe.
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